Mindfulness has become a hot topic over recent years. Created to help people pay more attention to the present moment and forget distracting thoughts, it’s clear why it’s become a popular technique to drive productivity for many businesses.

Mindfulness can:

    • Help remove the ‘baggage’ of our day to day lives
    • Encourage people to think more freely
    • Help us to stay focussed
    • Encourage a greater awareness of the here and now
    • Help people to recognise negative thoughts and emotions

Less autopilot and more productivity!

Here are our top tips for using mindfulness and other useful techniques to support your meeting goals:

1. Mark the start of a meeting

A simple exercise to start your meeting can help delegates prepare mentally and focus on what is required over the coming hours. Ask people to close their eyes for a minute or two and focus on their breathing. It’s such a simple exercise, but very effective.

2. Have a clear meeting agenda

Having a clear meeting agenda helps ensure the team are focused on the task at hand. Updates throughout will make delegates even more mindful of what you’re talking about.

3. Ask delegates to think about how they are feeling

You could start by encouraging delegates to write down how they feel. This will make people think about their current ‘state’, making them more open and paving the way to a more successful meeting.

4. Minimize time sat down in one place

The benefits of moving during your working day are well documented and the same applies to meetings. Encouraging delegates to move around and taking steps to move people from a single spot in a room can help people stay focused and energised. Set group work that allows delegates to move from their seats and sit or stand in a different position. If you notice people starting to get drained, proactively get them to stand up. Asking them to stand and shake their arms and legs is a great way to get people re-energized.

5. Take regular breaks

Breaks enable people to process information and prepare for the next agenda item. Try mixing comfort breaks with short break-out sessions and incorporate interactive activities can really help to inspire and rejuvenate the team.

6. Brain boosting food

We all know that stodgy feeling having eaten a heavy lunch. Choosing the right types of food during a meeting is critical. Ask about our brain boosting food options that will help refresh and rejuvenate ensuring your meeting stays on-track throughout the whole day.

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