Creating value for our clients, our team members and the communities we operate in, whilst minimizing our impact on the World around us is at the core of what we do, and that is the ethos behind Meet with Purpose™.

This tailored programme, designed specifically with meeting and event bookers in mind enables our clients to meet their business and sustainability goals in everyday meetings. Proven to make meetings more dynamic, memorable and meaningful, Meet with Purpose™ promotes eco-friendly practices and empowers balanced choices for meeting participants.

Happy and healthy delegates are more productive

Based on the idea that happy and healthy delegates are more productive, we offer practical measures that focus on the wellbeing of your meeting participants, to ensure you have a successful and productive meeting and achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

Our focus areas

Mindful Meetings

Through LightStay, Hilton’s proprietary sustainability performance tracking system, we can help you meet your corporate responsibility goals and minimize your event’s environmental impact. By utilizing practices that are less resource-intensive, we can create more environmentally-friendly events.

Mindful Eating

Tasty, balanced menus boost energy and create a memorable experience. This approach is designed to re-examine event dining to minimize food waste, manage portion control and improve selections with balanced choices and locally sourced seasonal ingredients where possible.

Mindful Being

With a focus on the wellbeing of meeting delegates, we can help make meetings more productive. Here are some ideas.

Make your next meeting a mindful meeting – Meet With Purpose™ by Hilton