Cambridge for Business: Tradition Meets Innovation

History, culture and a world-class university are just part of what makes Cambridge an unparalleled destination for meetings and business travel. The city is home to a rich network of stimulating speakers, an array of unique event spaces and activities – from punting on the River Cam to exclusive wine tastings – that never fail to charm visitors.

Less than an hour from London and just 30 minutes from Stansted Airport, Cambridge is superbly accessible. Everywhere you go, the backdrop of a flowing river, lush parks and old college buildings reminds you of the city’s long, illustrious history, while a compact and walkable centre makes it simple to get around.
Leading in tech innovation, Cambridge is both an incubator for start-ups and a hub for multinational businesses – an elite global centre for new ideas, growth and advancement. With modern hotels and world-class restaurants sitting next to listed buildings that date back a millennium, Cambridge is an iconic English destination with the technology and amenities of the 21st century.

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