Introducing play and interactive activities to your meetings and events can reap serious rewards. Task based games help bring teams together, creating a light-hearted atmosphere where people feel at ease and everyone’s ideas and opinions are heard.

Here are a few fun ideas that can help keep things interactive and will work for small and larger groups alike:

Activities to refresh active minds

Jigsaw Challenge

Puzzle activities are a great way to establish communication and coordination between team members, giving everyone the opportunity to re-focus and rejuvenate during a long day.

Try this…

  • For this task you’ll need 4 boxes of the same jigsaw.
  • Empty the contents of all 4 jigsaws onto a table and give them a good mix up.
  • Separate out the jigsaw pieces into 4 equal piles
  • Separate your group into 4 teams
  • The challenge is for each team to use teamwork and communication skills to create a completed jigsaw picture in the fastest time, liaising with other teams to ensure they have all the correct pieces.
  • For a more personalised puzzle, try printing out your company logo or mission statement onto card and create the jigsaws using that.


Doodling has been recognised as a great way to increase focus and reduce stress – it gives your brain the break it needs without switching off completely. As well as fuelling creativity it can be an effective way of retaining information visually.

Try this…

  • You might decide to storyboard a problem together or allow people to use creativity as a form of visual note-taking.
  • Sharing doodles at the end of the session and allowing people to talk about what they have captured is a great way of keeping a wrap up session interactive

Story telling
Fun icebreakers such as story telling will help delegates get into the creative mindset required for problem solving. These activities also require little or no resources and work well for small meetings. You can set the scene with your story to tie into one of your meeting objectives – motivation, customer service, sales.

Ask the first volunteer to start the story off with a single sentence. The next delegate continues the story in a single sentence. Each delegate will add a sentence and the objective will be to continue to build the story until everyone has participated and the story is complete.

Innovative meeting solutions are our speciality, whether it’s play-themed activities or Mindfulness Techniques, we can help your team feel fresh and full of ideas!